Everyone needs help with something sometime.


Whether you have been struggling with getting things done for a while or have just had things get away from you as the result of a recent life-changing event, The Stuff of Life Organizing & CoachingSM  will strive to make it possible for you to:


 improve focus

 increase awareness

 uncover hidden strength

 awaken creativity

 boost self-esteem

 achieve greater piece of mind


In your one-on-one coaching sessions (conducted either in-person or by telephone), you will be learn how to: 


 Identify the blocks to progress that have gotten in your way and create a plan to get past them once and for all

 Determine how to balance work and life responsibilities

 Make decisions more easily now and as you move forward

 Make fulfilling your dreams a priority without feeling guilty


Let The Stuff of Life Organizing & CoachingSM help you with:


Achieving Optimal Health & Fitness

Managing Your Time

Organizing Your Home or Workspace

Finding a New Job

Starting or Developing Your Business

Adjusting to a Life Transition

Recovering from Loss

The Stuff of Life Organizing & Coaching


 Stuff of Life  Organizing & COAchingSM

To Do List

Finish Those Projects (Finally!)

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